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You may have seen me in various forms of media. My first appearance was in a major magazine in 1975 with a large article dealing with Witchcraft. Over the years I have been on TV numerous times, been the subject of several movies dealing with psychics and other forms of the metaphysical world.

My tool of choice is Tarot, but I will use whatever is needed to find the answers you seek. No matter what your issues–love, work, money, even Distance Energy Healing–I’m here for you. I am more than willing to use my empathetic and clairvoyance skills to aid you in your search for answers. I have many clients that have trusted my readings for decades.

No need to be shy with me. In my long career as a psychic, I have pretty much heard it all. Everyone is different and special in their own way. The spirits guide me in the direction needed to help you in your particular situation. I discovered at a young age that I am highly intuitive and in touch with the Spirit world. I never lost these abilities and have honed my gifts, interacting with the Spirits for a very long time. Over the decades my psychic abilities have been, and still are, becoming stronger.

My interest in the spirit and psychic world colors my life heavily, leading me to seek out professional studies and certifications in various aspects of the area. The metaphysical, as well as the world of the paranormal, are not new to me and have been part of my daily life for a very long time. The life I have led has taken me around the world to many exotic and dark places. My travels gave me the opportunity to do many exciting things and meet lots of interesting people. It exposed me to the goodness of the universe and the darker side of things, both human and spirit. I’ve come to believe the strange things I’ve experienced gave me the wisdom and ability to help people that are unable to do such things for themselves.

But be warned! I will not just tell you what you want to hear. I will be completely honest with you and tell you what I see. No Fu Fu magick here, just the truth as I see it in the cards. I must tell you what I see. Even with information that is not that great, you can turn it into something positive. If you just want the happy ever ending story, go to someone else. I say what I see. I am a neutral participant in our session.

No subject is taboo. I’m willing to deal with subjects that most people avoid. The cards can also help you figure out solutions to the difficult aspects of your life. Remember, the future isn’t written yet; the cards reflect what will happen if you don’t change what you are doing and you always have the choice of changing the direction of your future. You have the foresight after our reading. Forewarned is to be forearmed. You can change the outcome.

My client list as an advisor and confidante spans people from every walk of life, including the rich and famous. I am an advisor for people living all over the globe and it is a great honor to do so. Although I’m a High Priest in the Wiccan way of life, religion has no factor in what I do. I am here for all. This is my calling. We all need a little help at sometime, no matter who you are or what your belief system.

Many people are afraid to talk to a psychic for fear of being judged. That will not happen with me. I don’t care whether you are rich, poor, well known, or not. You can be straight, gay, a person with a tarnished past. None of that matters. Everyone is unique and special in their own way. The spirit world doesn’t discriminate and neither do I. The future starts now. All of my readings are confidential and you can feel free to be yourself with me. Again, no questions are out of bounds with me.

If your concerns deal with relationships, money, career, someone else, your future, past lives, spirits, negative /positive energies, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll read for you with your best interest in mind.

What path will you choose? I am here for you. I am of the old way. You will hear me mention an Energy Exchange. This is your part of the process. This is not a commercial term just to get you to spend your hard earned money. It is a spiritual exchange. You would be taking my special energies with you and using your new information or advice for your self purpose.I cannot give these energies away for nothing in return. By the laws of Karma, there is a price for everything you do. An Energy Exchange has been around for eons. We all must be paid in some form for what we do as in work.

If you need a special day and time, just let me know. I am in the USA and in the Central time zone. Again stop by and let us see what the cards hold for you.
Many Blessings Mystic Charles.

Here are just a few of my testimonials from satisfied clients.

I have no words at all, just perfect. Said details about my situation that I did not mention. He is gifted, brilliant in what he does. Trust me. Omgg…

amazing reading. honest, fast, knowledgable. accurate is the main things. Thank you thank you for the awesome reading. worth 10 stars of course…

Charles is a fluent and capable tarot card reader and was able to pick up on particular details regarding my situation. The insight and advice was helpful and practical. Based on my experience I can recommend his services…

My favourite reader on here. Such a lovely guy and really understanding…
♥ Thank you so much Mr. mellow, my darling Charles, for uplifting my spirits, for honesty, for the best advice from the goodness of your beautiful heart, for healing laughter and for another amazing reading! I love being surrounded with your magical energies and I intensely enjoy those positive vibration frequencies that you emanate in very unique way, which makes your readings even more special to me. You truly are one of a kind reader and you always amaze me, time after time, with your extraordinary gifts and abilities, that go way beyond any tools, such as tarot cards, etc. You are a real deal! Mystic, you leave me in awe….eternally grateful,…endless stars for you! N. ♥
Very positive reading. He does more than answer questions, though that is important. Confident predictions. Clear insight…

superb, brilliant as always! endless stars! I LOVE HIM TO PIECES! :):):)

Had a wonderful reading. He gave me great insight into my question and even knew that I had children (which I had not revealed!) I would definitely recommend him…

Love the readings i have with Charles, He always seems to know what’s going on, and the right advice to go along with it…

another reading with this guy. again he was spot on to perfection. i strongly recommend him. 5 stars! will ask his advice and seek his help again! worth the money for sure! god bless you Charles…

Thank you for all these testimonials. There were so many, I just chose a few to post here. Blessings to you all.

I am available for Public Appearances.
Cyber Psychic Parties are great. Your group, 1 computer, many questions. Contact me for more information.