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If you are looking to get a reading from me on Skype send me your request at

Donations/Payments can be made through You don’t need to be a member to use your credit card on PayPal.
How Much? How much is it worth to you (This Is The Old Way). Donations are made after your reading.
No one in the world does it this way. 
Take care of me, and I take care of you. No donation? No services next time. Can’t afford a donation right now? Let me know in advance, we can work it out.
You want a flat fee? $250 USD for 30/45 minutes.

I have been getting new request to visit people at their own location. If you would like me to visit you in person at your location for a couple hours, it would require Transportation, lodging R&B for at least one night or the duration of the visit and a reasonable donation. Airfare (from Mid-South)and lodging would be required via Paypal, before traveling. I am willing to travel outside of the USA for a private meeting. For personal appearances such as events and shows, the terms are about the same. Please contact me at to make arrangements, or more information
An energy exchange is the willingness to give to receive
It is a spiritual request.
There are some things that you can not put a price on. The Donate Button below is for times like these.
If I have helped you in the past when you could not do the energy exchange/give anything at that time but you can now.
Sending of special energies. Love, Hope, Health, as well as many more positive energies.Just to do something good, because it will be good for your soul..
Special prayer request performed by High Priest Charles. Distant Healing, or in person.



You can contact me for appointments, arrangements, or information at
Readings and consultations are on a limited basis at times.

Readings are done on with a video call.

My Skype name is Mystic.Charles It is FREE to install Skype. Just go to their website and install the program if you want. The link should be showing up here. Get your copy of Skyp by cilicking this link.

Email Readings – Keep it to around 5 questions. I am generous but I am not the best typist.

Mystic Charles

To arrange for a reading, or meeting. You can contact me at
Skype Required.
Paypal Donations/tips after reading. You do not need to be a member of to use your credit card there.

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