Mystic’s Readings and Other Sevices


You can contact me for appointments, arrangements, or information at

Readings and consultations are on a limited basis at times.

Readings are done on with a video call.

My Skype name is Mystic.Charles It is FREE to install Skype. Just go to their website and install the program if you want. The link should be showing up here. Get your copy of Skyp by cilicking this link.

Email Readings – Keep it to around 5 questions. I am generous but I am not the best typist.

Mystic Charles’s Video Readings
I am now offering to you a video reading. You can ask up to 6 questions and I will do your reading in a video. This reading is confidential and would not reveal who you are, or your whole question. I will mention your question in a numerical order which I will also send to you. I have developed the video reading for my clients in other time zones, for people who do not wish to be on Skype, For people who do not have time to set an appointment, or for many other reasons.

You can ask anything you would like me to take a look at. If you want to know about someone else all I ask is their basic information like a first name. The more information you can share the less you will get back of what you might already know. Most of my clients already have direct questions in mind to ask. This is a great way to get your reading done if your in another time zone than me (CST), if you don’t have time for a traditional reading, or for many other reasons. I will record your reading and send you a link to view it.

You can view a few Video Readings on my You Tube Channel.

Send me your information and questions to

You can view your reading most of the time within 24hrs just like as if we were in a private setting.

Again. Send me your information and questions to

Services are not recognized scientifically, and therefore can not be guaranteed. Services should be viewed as for entertainment purposes only.
I do not do questions about death, investments, legal advice, medical diagnosis’s/treatments-I am not a doctor, or gambling questions. Topics subject to change.